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LSJ triumphs over STR to become the Champions of Season Fourteen!

Kratos / Aug 20, 2017
LSJ caps off a magical season by finishing off STR 6-4. This victory gives LSJ their sixth championship and cements this LSJ team as the STRONGEST. For his phenomenal play as the Ace sniper, $$PIMP$$ earns both the season and playoffs MVP awards.

Playoff Run:

Lineup: Scarz, Kratos, $$PIMP$$ and Crossfire

versus AA

Mustafar - Defeat
Tantive CTF - Victory
Mos Eisley - Victory
Kashyyyk - Defeat
Tantive Conquest - Victory

LSJ wins 3-2

versus STR(including both Winners Finals and Grand Finals)

Mustafar - Victory
Mos Eisley - Defeat
Jabba's Palace - Victory
Kashyyyk - Victory
Kamino - Victory
Dagobah - Defeat
Tantive Conquest - Defeat
Naboo - Victory
Tantive CTF - Defeat
Polis Massa - Victory

LSJ wins 6-4


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