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SWBF2 Jedi Hall of Fame



One of the most popular, if not, the most popular Jedi to ever grace the game.  Rabbit would win many over with her charisma, her energy, her wit, and, her undeniable charm.  While there have been some other women who have picked up a saber, none have ever reached the heights that Rabbit has reached.  She stands as the one exception amongst a field of testosterone laden men who can both equally hold her ground and surpass many of her peers with sheer ease.  

Rabbit would begin to train in the deadly art of the saber sometime in 2006-2007.  Known as .: P@N!C:. at this point in time, Rabbit began to pick up on well known and reputable people's radars...  Particularly, that of Nerdvader's.  Upon his discovery of Rabbit, she would soon be invited to join UDN.

Rabbit would soon climb the ranks that were the UDN ladder.  In her time with UDN, she would learn the ins and outs of clan, she would learn to be a clan member, she would learn how to be a team player, and, most importantly, she would begin to build the foundations of what it meant to be a leader.  After ZZ, Chaos, and Nerdvader became inactive in the SWBF2 sector, Rabbit would get her first taste of leadership in an unofficial role of keeping the UDN ship afloat in the PS2 sector with a couple of remaining members.  While UDN would ultimately die, she would take the lessons of leadership with her.

After the death of UDN, Rabbit found herself in the halls of JOG where she would truly begin to shine...  Though not without some bumps in the road.  That bump would be her departure from JOG in late 09 early '10 for a short stint with SIN.  SIN, however, would fall apart rather quickly, Rabbit would soon find herself back in JOG in early '10 mid '10.  

Upon her second arrival to JOG, Rabbit would never look back.  Like the true warrior she is, Rabbit would climb the ranks slowly but surely...  First passing her knight trial against Jub Jub and then passing her Master trial against Viking.  

In late '10, it was decided upon the council during that time to induct Master Rabbit as the first, and only, Jedi Council Masteress.  She would lead JOG for three-four years as a council member until taking her spot as an Elder for the clan

Rabbit is, still to this day, a much beloved and respected member and leader of JOG and a polarizing figure to the community at large.  It is upon Rabbit's shoulders that JOG garnered as much popularity and a steady wealth of recruits from 09-10.  

She is a diamond amongst the dust ridden sands

Thoughts From Others

Who ever said a woman couldn't compete in the testosterone fueled "man's world" that is SWBF2?

Rabbit seems to break that "man tag", stomp on it, chew it up some, spit it out, and then throw it thousand leagues into the sea.

Unbeknowest to most, I actually was really mad with Rabbit when I first came across her. Mind you, this was about four years ago, so my memory is a little hazy regarding the initial anger, lol. Being the rebel that she was back then, I believe she broke a code or something and I called her out on it in the Senate... So, my inital impressions of her were more or less that of annoyance and frustration... Never in a million years would I have thought she would be as integral to JOG and this community as she is now.... I thought she was going to be some flash in the pan type deal and leave never coming back...

Boy, was I wrong

After that initial bad impression, Rabbit shattered my expectations of her and rose through the ranks like a true champ. Jedi Padawan, Jedi Apprentice, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master... Through that grueling ladder rank process, she began to develop traits of leadership, argument diffusing, more maturity... As time went on, she only added more items to her tool belt catapulting herself onto the stage of both the community and the JOG halls

Throughout that time, she became a fast friend to not only me, but to the community and JOG members as well. Through her personality and charm, she managed to infuse and breathe a new sense of life (in the form of recruits)for JOG back in '10/'11. In time, she became a leader/council member for JOG... She, to me, now stands as part of that "core" group of people JOG must have to have any real sense of direction.

I don't think I've ever come across anyone that can walk that line of froth/light/fun and still display a sense of command to her peers as she has displayed throughout her many years of service here in JOG. It is quite a difficult task to accomplish in and of itself... like pulling a rabbit out of a hat... aha.

One of the truest/honest/caring people I have ever perchanced upon. My many discussions with her on the direction of JOG have planted the seeds to this site and many other projects I, and others, have embarked on as well. She is, in a way, that compass that always knows which way is North. Rabbit has this unique sixth sense regarding JOG and where it should focus it's aim. It's uncanny really... Which is why I always find it of great benefit to talk to her on these things (as do many others).

She is a true honest person as well. Throughout the many personal struggles I have had in my life, I have always found her hand to be there for me when I need it most. This is a common theme you will find with her... many others can attest to this as well

A true friend/comrade/leader/person/and anything else you can think of as positive will describe Rabbit in accurate detail. Without you, I don't know where JOG would be today.

For you Aladdin Girl!! Congratulations and may the force always be with you!

"What do we say to death? NOT TODAY!"


Alright so once upon a time there was this rabbit...

She joined UDN at pretty much the exact same time I did along with another guy named Bryan_K. It was posted that we were all accepted into UDN. I remember even before that thought we'd hang out on the chat with our specific colors. I believe Rabbit was the light blue. It was then that we received the remote manager since we were the most active players at the time in the UDN server. We learned a lot of things together, I remember the day hanging out with Chaos and figuring out perfect block and then the one hit aerial.

Chaos soon became a great friend of rabbit's and then one day.... the conceited conversation started. It just slipped out of the mouth of Chaos and bam it started a war. All three of us at the time were battling for top poster on the website. The worst spam threads I've seen in my entire life were started. They were so bad that people were offended by how retarded they were. Rabbit was in on all the action. Rabbit then came up with a signature from photobucket. This amused me greatly because I had never seen one before. She showed me how to make it and that's probably what got me started on the whole graphic design thing.

I remember one time at the beginning of our UDN days together we had an actual 1 v 1. It wasn't taken seriously either and we both admitted to hating it, but I think the score was tied 7-7 and then we called it quits. Chaos decided to help us improve a little more by pitting us in a 2 v 2 against Chaos and Bill. We did pretty good actually and learned a few more tricks. After that time pretty much all of UDN was flooding over into next gen and we were the only ones there aside from the occasional appearance from Alex Ace and Reborn. We started to recruit actively then and we brought in quite a few random players who I have never seen play since. I can't recall exactly who tried out who, but for the most part they were group tryouts. A player base was started once more and UDN came back to life on star wars.

Rabbit I believe was promoted a little after I was and given access to the "secret secret" forums lol. I guess I forgot to mention that I saw her picture for the first time. A 14 year old girl in a pink shirt lol that was a long time ago. One time I remember she decided to change her name to Jenova which to me sounded like some old lady. I then left UDN and saw her later on down the road after joining JOG. We talked briefly by PM or chatbox I can't remember, but she was thinking about joining JOG. It didn't take long for her application to appear. All the other UDN players had moved over to abyss and then separated to make SIN. She joined JOG instead.

After that all, I just saw her around on forums and talked with her over abyss chat every now and again. Seen her play many many games and it doesn't seem that she's changed one bit both in raging skill and of course her conceited self. I thought when I came to JOG that she was barely active anymore, but alas here she is again tormenting everybody lol.


One of my favorites right up there with queenie. She was good without the need to be in your face. Fun to talk a little smack with in a fun way. Always fun playing with her in the server!


No disrespect to any other female players who tore it up on the Battlefront... She is definitely the best woman to ever play the game. And wabby's a very likeable person and one of the best at breaking up stupid flame wars and such. I've played her 1st hand in both the modern era and back in 2007 and before.

I was never officially a UDN member but I was very good friends with Nerd Vader when he was in Jog and when he formed UDN. I remember he begged and begged me to joinem but I told him that unlike what he thought Jog was still around and I was probably gonna join them again some day. But I did tell him I would help him a lot in getting his clan started and rolling. I was helping Nerdvader recruit people by telling him when I would noticed people who were freelancers, and seemed to have potential.

I remember it was summer 2007. I was in the UDN server, under Nerds orders to root out some possible recruits. After a while everyone left except for me and Rabbit. I was on villains, wabby on heroes and I was being
Darth Maul. Now with Maul I was virtually unkillable by a Yoda lol. I remember I'd make Tom rage so hard with Maul and he'd always plead me to be a choker lol.

Anyways I'm about to leave to but I decide to stay a bit. And all the sudden wabby kills me, which shocked me for 2 reasons. For one, it was a 1vs1 scenario and I also thought that this "guy" (we thought she was a dude) had only been around for like 2 weeks or something. I didn't know Rabbit had used the name "Panic", I thought it was just some epic new noob. Anyways I remember telling Nerd about this "guy" who'd only been playing for a week or 2 lol and had killed me with a Yoda when I was Maul. And the rest they say... is

But yea Rabbit has helped breathe new life into the game in a couple ways. She's not only an excellent player but... Somehow she manages to get along with everyone. Whether it be the more respectable characters of the community or some of the biggest shit heads(like myself!  ) She never seriously got on anyone's bad side.

Also something else, there used to be people back in the day who'd say stupid shit like "wemon can't do shit at this game they all suck at it". Well along with a other non dudes, but being the best example... Wabby
proved em wrong


Rabbit my conceited little apprentice. Some of you may know her as P@N!C before she joined UDN and became the Rabbit you see here now and love. I had the pleasure of watching her become quite the puller, in to the very solid player she is today. Always willing to learn and had a great attitude to go with it. Honestly one of the most loyal and friendliest clan mates I have ever been around.

She represented us well in scrims against the likes of zarex and jeff back when we had practices with JOG. When UDN moved on to the next generation, jeff asked her to join JOG, which she did. She continued to learn under jeff and also continued her success here by competing in and hosting multiple matches. She brought her own kind of style and lit a spark where ever she went., and it’s been a joy to watch. Rabbit has now been with JOG for 4 years, active and strong with the clan. She started at the bottom and fought her way to the top, all while being a great leader and player.


Rabbit by far is the best girl gamer to play this game. She has great personality and i have rarely seen her start a fight rather she tried to solve them with her blond self lol. Her skill on the battlefield is good and she can hold her on. She is a great part of the community and without her alot of jokes wouldnt have been made lol. With all that said, i am still 50/50 for yes or no . Well i just decided that it is a 100% YES


her personalty alone drove the community. . . at least that is how it looked. When she is on, others paid attention and interacted. To be honest I think she may be one of the 10 most influential players in the game, although she may not even realize it. I realized in 2010 if JOG was going to reform itself that she was the key member to get this going. It was off of her recomendations we started bringing in some of our new era members, which for the most part worked well for us.

Not to mention her skills are solid.


Rabbit is a very cool young lady. She is so easygoing and likeable. At the same time, she has no trouble getting down and dirty and bringing out her competitive side. This gives her a position of influence and makes her a valuable member for whatever clan she is found in.

She just makes things fun and keeps the mood light. Like has been said, she has that ability to spark things and positively affect people. Not an elite player, but a deadly one nonetheless. To me, she is like the female version of Younes with only more skill and more influence haha. (Sorry Younes)


I say yes to rabbit, always very active whether on the site or on game. Best female player (sorry queenie) by far. Where ever she goes she definitely brings a crowd, partially due to having a vagina yes, but she's also just a fun and interesting person to talk to and guys can't resist a little bait and release. The sexiest frog this side of Arabia.


I vote for rabbit she was one of the best in my servers.
She carried great skill and dignity for her clan and even though we never shared the same clan she earned my respect on many levels.

-Civil Rabbit. That's just all there is to it, everyone knows her and knows damn well why she should be in the Hall of Fame, for very good reason. If you do not, you should not even be in this topic, as all that she has done for this game and even the community as a whole is very important

-Mephilles The Dark

Rabbit has always been a top player. Rabbit brings a lot to this game, and has helped kept it alive the past few years. She's also, by-far the best girl to play this game. Pretty easy yes for me

-Devil Wing

Here are my thoughts…
Like we were talking in the chat room a few days ago, I was once a lost noob in the assault mode back in 2005/06. A pull whore is what they call em. The beauty of this, is that there is always someone out there with an eye for potential talent. In my case it was Mr Clean recruiting if I remember or voicing out his opinions about me to JOG back in the day.
I learned that from Mr Clean. Mr Clean took me under his wing and made me a greater player. I mirror this with you. I took you into UDN because I knew you had potential.
Now me after being gone for 4 years. I come back and see you owning me. You are also a great leader in JOG.


Rabbit, you definitely deserve this.

There's just so much about you that makes you a wonderful person. You keep everything alive, simply put. Without you on the game, all the chats would be dead, all the servers wouldn't be as fun, and people in general just wouldn't be as happy. You make people happy. That is the best thing you can possibly do. Not only do I respect you in EVERYTHING, but I mainly respect you as a person. Respect is certainly not given, and it is not earned either. You fricken robbed it out of everyone here, because you took all the respect we had and you still have it... all of it.

Let's talk about your skills now. Well, there's not much to say. You're too good! I remember when you were given a master trial. I was to face you in a 1v1. Done deal, I won. The thing is though, it was an amazing game. Like, really amazing. I can't put enough likes to describe it. When I reported the score to the Council, I was going to write some about how you played. I couldn't write anything. At that moment, I knew that even though I won the battle, I was going to lose the war, and the strange thing about that is that I wanted to lose it. I wanted to surrender (by letting you become a master), I wanted to get crushed, I wanted to get beaten by you. But it was my duty to prevent you from doing so. It killed me inside to vs. you again when the Council gave you another chance, because I know I was really playing with a Jedi Master. I won again lol. Third time though, which is always the charm, you won. I was pretty mad at the outcome, but you beat me fair and square, and that's all I ever wanted. The reason I was mad was because I couldn't 1v1 you again. I couldn't keep you from reaching your potential anymore. I wanted to cook you just right, and then eat. You were fully cooked. You were ready. You became a Jedi Master. That day was one of my prized days.

A while after, with Jub being busy and Leo and Deity as well, we needed to reform the Council. There were many topics on it, and the idea twittled around our heads for quite some time. There were a lot of candidates, but we narrowed it down to the three we saw best fit. Those three were CT, Eruption, and Rabbit.

With those three on the Council, I knew we have achieved unity. Those three are part of the "core" that Isac briefly described. And they all earned it, every single one of them.

Rabbit, I can write all day on this, but I wanted to end it. Normally, I have so much to say that I don't even write it, so you don't see me write big stuff anymore. Only if it deserves THAT much to me to write it. This does mean that much to me, because once a paniked bunny, you are a funny bunny that poops green poop and you have and will always be a great pet (friend)


Rabbit has always been one of my favorite friends to ever play SWBF2 with. She has her ditzy moments that make me just LOL, yet she has the focus and determination to clutch whatever, whenever she wants too. She is a gifted individual who has the talent to make all men cry when they face her on Mos Eisley. I believe my favorite moments with Rabbit is when she goes into, what I like to call, "Rabbita" mode. She starts choking me and giggling on the mic. Then directly afterward she goes on a rampage lol  

Rabbit you have added a lot of influence in this game and you deserve this spot here in the HoF.

Congratulations! We all love you!

-See No Evil
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, or so they say."
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