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The guidelines of the Order are as follows...

The members of the Council will warn someone who violates any of the guidelines the first time. Though, if it persists, the Council will not hesitate to kick that member out.

Respect your fellow members. LSJ puts an emphasis on this. This is not to imply that members cannot joke around with each-other. Our Order has been labeled as 'Goobers' and 'Trolls'. From that, it can be assumed that the Order possesses a reputation of having fun. However, there is a line that can be crossed where someone is having too much fun and it ends up at the expense of another. If that line is crossed too often, it will only lead to distrust among our ranks. There should always be a sense of comradeship among our ranks.

Respect all those who are not a part of LSJ. There is no reason to hate those simply because they are not a part of the same clan. Even if they have wronged you in some way in the past try to look past that. If we make too many enemies, then we cannot expect any help from those outside LSJ in times of turmoil. We made the mistake of making too many enemies and it was something that almost destroyed us. Understand that we are only one clan of many.

Always seek to improve yourself. Every member of LSJ should be motivated to improve themselves in any way they can. By training and learning, you are strengthening the Order. If you are a lower ranking member, do not be afraid to ask the higher-ranking members for help in any way.

Look to aid your fellow comrades in any way you can. Do not wait for someone to ask you for your help. Instead, look to help those who could use it. If we do not help each other, then there is no way we can expect to work together.

'Double clanning' is not permitted. There is an exception if it is not the same game. Though, you cannot be in the LSJ and another group on the same game. The reason being is that we want our members to be fully dedicated to LSJ. If we expected any less, then we would crumble as an Order.

Learn from your mistakes. If you make a mistake, understand what you did wrong and do your best to learn from it. Hopefully from then you will not repeat the same mistake.

Never give up! The Last Standing Jedi pride themselves on their willpower. Time after time, we have suffered great loss and have survived through it. Remember, there is no shame in falling down. True shame is not getting back up.

Above all else, have fun! After-all, at the end of the day... it is a game that we are playing. Everyone should aim to enjoy themselves. It is a way to escape from the affairs of the real world and become a part of something incredible.
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, or so they say."
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